570 - Motionless In White


"570" by Motionless In White
Written by : Tori

Innovational and stimulate, we are brought into a vista of power, passion, electrifying energy, and pride. Just when you thought Motionless In White painted the picture for you in their track, "570", they present such clarity of their vision and message through this brand new music video. With originality and creativity, MIW reveal a music video unlike any that we've seen before. Displaying each band member, highlighting the support of fans gathering around them, and flourishing, exceeding, and amplifying the standards of a typical music video- this music video is interactive and ecstatic. Being one with the crowd, the six men are on the same level as their fans - metaphorically and literally. As they perform inside the massive crowd of fans, they present the idea that they're just like their fans and aren't wanting to be put on a pedestal. They are six men that fought hard, through trials and tribulations, to get where they are today and be as prominent as they are. Perfectly hitting the ball of success, the band shows that "for so long no one was listening", but now they have crowds and crowds of support, love, and fans. Uniquely, the band chose to add in a kaleidoscope effect - which was not only bad ass, but metaphorically can be seen as reminiscing over every memory, of getting to where they are now, surrounding their mind to later reflect that their goals and achievements being in clarity. Also, it displays multiple perspectives to display the many emotions felt through these past ten years of being a band. The video uses a darker scheme to compliment the stereotype of Scranton - which is a darker, Gothic-styled atmosphere. This also could be taken as having a dark scene to represent the darkness they journeyed through to be who they are today. 
Awe-inspiring, and crazy addicting, we present this music video with an easy 10 out of 10! Check out the music video here:

Posted on July 13, 2016 .