Scars - I Prevail


"Scars" by I Prevail
Written by: Reagan
Edited by: Miguel

It's time to get pumped for new music from I Prevail! "Scars" is the first single off their debut album “Lifelines,” due out in 2016, and it sets the stage for what's to come for the band in the future. Based off this single, it can be predicated that great things are to be expected. The song itself is catchy, but it’s something we've heard before with the mixing of heavy guitar and drums, the combination of both screams and clean vocals, and telling the story of the hardships in life. However, with the visual story shown in the video, it takes "Scars" someplace truly unique. Rather than showcasing one individual struggling to overcome a hard-time, an entire family is highlighted; each with their own individual stresses. The song and video duo are honest and straightforward and nothing is sugarcoated. 

The band themselves perform the song in an empty room while clips come in and out of a family battling with personal demons. It begins as the family sits around the family table wearing a black ski mask in complete silence. Slowly, the story is revealed. It begins with the daughter and she struggles with body image issues. Weighing herself, she proceeds to cover her body with baggy clothing and a black mask. Next, the mother is depicted where she is held responsible for the finances of the family. Overwhelmed by the endless amount of bills in the mail, she covers her face with a mask as well. Being the breadwinner falls on her because the father is a veteran struggling after returning home from war. Sitting on the bed, looking down at his amputated leg, he puts on a mask. Lastly, the son is seemingly bullied in school and unaccepted. He covers his swollen black eye, once again, with a mask. 

As the song reaches its climactic breakdown, the family reach their breaking point as well. A match is lit, and as soon as it falls the breakdown begins. With the first note of the climax, a fire erupts. They can't hide from themselves or others anymore. They burn their masks and face the world. 

"In the heat of the moment, when fear has you frozen, crashin' and burnin', when life's at its coldest, don't fall too far from who you are." The message portrayed by I Prevail is that nobody comes out of life unscathed. However, in order to find peace, one must accept their battle scars because you'll survive in the end. The masks represented the family being haunted by their negative thoughts and holding it all in. When their masks burned away their problems didn't disappear, but they were suddenly more open to the world. Being open allows for help to come along and for things to get better. They were a family hiding from each other to show that you never know what another person is going through. Everybody has struggles and we all have scars.

This powerful message can resonate with everybody and I Prevail got the message across perfectly. They put on an exciting performance that shows their high energy while also giving the song a storyline. It leaves the listener/viewer with the feeling of hope. We'll all be okay.


Posted on July 1, 2016 .