Never Stop - Farewell, My Love


"Never Stop" by Farewell, Mt Love
Written by : Tori

Powering vocals, sexy and sassy guitars, and thumping drums that'll make you hit that, two, eighty more times! There's nothing more feel good than this... 
Phoenix rockers, Farewell, My Love, release a brand new single off of their upcoming album "Above It All", we are gifted the beauty, "Never Stop". This classic rock influenced, yet poppy, track has won our hearts over. Infectious and entertaining, we open a new door in the F,ML chapter- a new spin on the already genius sound the band carries. Still following the Tim-Burtonesque sound, but spicing it up, this is a pleasant change and direction for the band. Chad Kowal, vocalist, has the perfect balance between slick & smooth and edgy punches within his vocals, complimenting the same dynamics alternating within the guitars. It's eye-opening good! 
Notably, London Mckuffey, guitarist, says this is his favorite song on the new record- might be one of our favorites too! Being a great blend of jumpy, pumping, and enthusiastic, contrasting with hip and arm swaying, it's hard not to want to move around to and love this track - possibly to be the greatest live song. 
"Never Stop" gives a taste of what's in store for "Above It All", set to release July 22nd. Pre-order the album now, grab a bundle while the limited numbers are still there, and meet your new favorite band 😉 You're welcome! This song easily gets a rating of 10 out of 10!

Posted on July 1, 2016 .