Flatline - Periphery


"Flatline" by Periphery
Written by: Taylor

After getting our first taste of Periphery's new album with their aggressively wonderful song "The Price Is Wrong" we have yet again been blessed with the wondrous, djenty sound that is Periphery with their new track "Flatline" from the new album "Periphery III: Select Difficulty".

After listening to Periphery for many years and familiarising yourself with their sound you can easily identify a Periphery track simply from the guitar and drum line however, this is something I simply couldn't find with the first song released "The Price Is Wrong", for this particular track the band took a much more brutal approach as opposed to their usual stuff this included harsher vocals, stripping the song of many clean vocals that we all know Periphery to use and a far more aggressive and straight forward instrumental. The song is incredible nonetheless, it is definitely a hard hitter and one of the heavier Periphery tracks but a great song to tease the new album with as it leaves a lasting impression on fans and non fans alike.

Now, Flatline, oh boy. Flatline is the second track released by the band to tease the new album and what an incredible song this is. Upon hearing the first 30 seconds or so I simply fell in love with it. If you are trying to introduce your friends to the band, or perhaps even your mother! This would be the song to use.

The song opens with a djenty ascending scale that grants us an uneasy welcome and in one single riff we are told what Periphery are all about, metal, aggression, technicality and really fast hands. The killer riff is accompanied by Matt Halpern's incredible drum fills that both compliment and develop on Mark Holcomb's guitar arrangement.

At around 20 seconds in we are greeted by Spencer's ferocious vocals, completing the track and taking us back to the old days of Periphery! The classic sound is very much found within the song and is still as barbarous as ever. The song truly does showcase the bands creative growth over the years while retaining the classic sound that we have allcome to love. We are still taken back and surprised when the track makes the dynamic switch between the destructive metal sections and the elevating sections as it takes us completely by surprise and we love it. "Flatline" is a complete contrast to "The Price Is Wrong" which tells us that the album is going to be diverse and we can expect to see a lot more different styles on the album, we at Break Free are very excited!

The album will be released on the 22nd of July so keep your eye out for this gem! We will be picking it up for sure! Will you

Posted on July 1, 2016 .