California - Blink-182


“California” byBlink-182
Written by: Kassandra
Edited by: Miguel

Seventh time is the charm, right? It sure as hell was for the rock band Blink-182 because July 1, 2016 saw the much anticipated release of their seventh studio album ‘California’ via BMG.

Blink-182 is known for their pop punk hits, fun sing-along choruses, catchy hooks, and hilarious jokes and this album doesn’t lack any of those elements. This means new and old fans can find something to love about this entire album.

The title of the album pays homage to the band’s home state, California, and a couple of the songs such as: ‘Los Angeles,’ ‘San Diego,’ and the title track, ‘California’ all give listeners a little bit of an insight to what it’s like to live in California. Everyone thinks it’s a great place to live, however, there are also a lot of darkness in its underbelly that goes unbeknownst to most, and the band wanted to highlight some of those dark places.

The cover artwork, done by English street artist D*Face, also sheds a bit of light on the darkness. Travis Barker was a massive fan of the artist, who asked him to create a piece that represented California well, but also had a subversive side and showed how gloomy it can be. It’s safe to say that the commission was a success and it has been widely receptive by critics and fans alike.

All 16 tracks bring something different to the album that creates a cohesive classic Blink-182 album. The style and the manner in which these songs were written and recorded were all done in a true Blink fashion, but each song was fresh and written specifically for this album; creating something the band is beyond proud of. The melodies and choruses make you want to sing along to them on repeat. The album even offered a ballad in the track ‘Home Is Such A Lonely Place’ with clean arpeggiated finger-picking guitars along with strings underneath that guitarists everywhere can appreciate. Tracks like “Kings of the Weekend” was nearly scrapped, but the band chose to keep it because of the recognizable guitar riff and its little things like those details that create such success for a band like Blink.

Blink-182 has done it again and continued with their legacy despite replacing Tom DeLonge with Mat Skiba. Gentlemen, we think California would be proud of you and for that, this album earns its 10/10 rating!

Be sure to catch Blink-182 on their headlining tour with acts like A Day To Remember, Simple Plan, The Used, All Time Low, and The All-American Rejects! What’s your favorite song on the album?

Posted on July 1, 2016 .