Persistence - Oshian


"Persistence" by Oshian
Written by: Miguel

If you’re looking for a new band to fill your rock and metal needs then look no further because the Pennsylvanian band, Oshian, has released their debut EP, “Persistence.” Oshian isn't well-known YET but as they learn and grow, we have no doubt that they will get even bigger!

This EP is packed with powerful vocals and spectacular guitar work with each song giving us their unique individuality with its wide burst of tones. “Lips of a Liar” took more of a hard rock approach while the second track, “Persistence,” will make metal fans feel right at home with its screams, tasty guitar riffs, and face melting solo. “Darkest of days” took the slower approach by starting with clean guitars gradually building the atmosphere for Justin Adam’s dynamic vocals. Everything in this EP was well executed however the overall production could be improved on.

For a debut EP and working with what they had access to, Oshian’s hard work and dedication to their art paid off. It was enjoyable to listen to, despite the minor issues, and we are totally looking forward to their future songs to see how they grow as a band! Good job guys!

Posted on June 9, 2016 .