Hell In The Hallways - Ice Nine Kills


“Hell In The Hallways” - Ice Nine Kills
Written by: Miguel

Based on the popular novel, “Carrie,” by Stephen King, Ice Nine Kills dropped a new music video for “Hell In The Hallways.” If you haven’t read the novel, then this music video hits the mark on giving you a brief overview of the story with an “INK” spin to it of course!

Reflecting on the novel, the video starts off with a boy named Kevin being bullied and treated like an outcast by the “popular” kids, very much like how Carrie was treated in “Carrie.” A teacher then came out and forced the bully to read a book called “Hell In The Hallways.” This is where we are greeted by Carrie White’s story and the start of your soon to be favorite song! As the vocals kick in, we are taken into a prom where we see the band performing energetically. The video continuously showed glimpses of Carrie being “ostracized and terrorized.” The deep screams from both Spencer Charnas and Justin DeBlieck will send chills down your spine and the guitar playing and drums were phenomenal keeping your anticipation up for every note. The music video continues to build up for the breakdown of the song where we see the rigged election for prom queen followed by Carrie being “covered in blood.” INK paid close attention to this scene by recreating the events that took place in the novel - from the fires to Carrie locking all the doors trapping everyone with her telekinetic powers for revenge. The ending had a big twist however. The teacher in the beginning of the video who disciplined the bully was actually Carrie White.

Turning literature to an awesome song and video earns Ice Nine Kills’ music video a perfect 10 out of 10! They brilliantly delivered yet another incredible music video and we hope they make even more. Head on over to Fearless Records' YouTube channel to watch the video and let us know what you think about it!

Posted on June 9, 2016 .