Headspace - Issues


"Headspace" by Issues
Written by: Miguel

Issues is known for combining their unique musical tastes into one big “stew” but did they pull it off on this album?

"Headspace” has finally arrived and now we can fully appreciate all the hard work the R&B/metalcore hybrid band has committed to both their career and fans. There is something for us all to enjoy - heavy djenty guitars mixed with some R&B and even Hip Hop in the song, “Flojo.” That’s not all though! It is full of Michael Bohn’s powerful screams and Tyler Carter’s distinctive clean vocals. Michael contributed to some of the clean vocals as well which is new for Issues but it was well implemented. AJ also showed of his wide knowledge in his guitar ability by mixing jazz influences into the song, “Hero.” You may think its odd mixing all those genres but Issues pulls it off just as expected.

“Lost-n-Found” is one of my favorites from the album. It has some beefy guitar riffs, and also a really catchy chorus with an ending that will lift you off your seat and make you start clapping. If you want something more heavy and reminiscent to Issues' previous album, “Issues,” then “Blue Wall” will be right up your alley. “Yung & Dum” features Jon Langston who added country influences to the song creating a perfect mixture of country and metalcore.The combination of the multiple genres however, also led to some downfalls in “Headspace.” For example, the funky bassline along with the other instruments in behind it didn’t compliment the overall tone in “The Realest”.

“Headspace" gets an overall score of 8.5 out of 10. The combination of genres were cleverly executed giving us something unique and satisfying to listen to. The album is out NOW so go pick it up and let us know what your favorite song is!

Posted on June 9, 2016 .