Feel Invincible - Skillet


"Feel Invincible" - Skillet
Written by : Tori

Ooooohmy... this single is almighty, strong, daring, and tasteful... Skillet unleashes a new track off of their soon-to-be released album, "Unleashed", titled "Feel Invincible". Striding dynamic guitars, feel good force, and blow-your-face-off kind of audacious courage... Skillet only gets better and better! Boldly belting, John Cooper gets our blood flowing, our bodies moving, and packs in power punches with his tenacious vocals. The energy throughout the song makes you feel invincible, untouchable, and alive. Even heavier than before, yet leveled out with electronics, prepare for the ultimate fight song! It's clear to me that this album will be incredible and that this track will dominate the charts! If you want to find that fight inside you, grab courage by the throat, and shake strength's hand... check out "Feel Invincible". This track easily beats a rating of 10 out of 10. Upcoming album, "Unleashed", is to be uncovered August 5th...
Just when you thought Skillet brought your inner Monster out... you couldn't be any more dangerously awaken and alive than with this track...

Posted on June 9, 2016 .