Chains - The Haxans


“Chains” by The Haxans
Written by: Allison

A groovy-spooky duo is creating a new mash-up that is starting a new era of Halloween-esque tunes. Ash Costello of New Year’s Day and Matt Montgomery of Rob Zombie are teaming up and working hard on their new project, The Haxans. The gothic-pop duo released their first track “Chains,” and it’s totally what you’d expect to hear. Costello and Montgomery both (accurately) described the band’s sound as what it would sound like if you created a pop/rock and roll soundtrack for the Haunted Mansion. The song is the first song the pair recorded together and it has a groovy vibe that is sure to keep the party going!

The Haxans have a '70s dance party vibe that is still fairly dark and eerie. The song seems to have a heavy influence of Rob Zombie’s style- which only seems fitting. As creepy as the track sounds, it’s still catchy and fun! This project has a much different sound than Costello’s usual- but the lyrics still resonate with the strong, honest lyrics from her other band, New Year’s day. Using a ghost as a metaphor, The Haxans are conveying the idea of someone who may not physically be apart of your life, but is still sticking around and haunting you. The message hidden in the metaphor isn’t to hide from what is haunting you, but to set out and get rid of the haunting feeling. The tone comes across as a strong attitude about standing your ground.“I’m sick of all your creeping/had about as much as I’m gonna stand,” is just one phrase that convey empowerment to overcome obstacles you might face in life.

The track “Chains” spotlights the pair's talent for making catchy, spooky tunes. I give this song a solid 9/10! I’m truly impressed with what these two musicians created and I’m looking forward to what The Haxans have in store. It looks like they’re on the path to become your perfect Halloween soundtrack. So, break away from the old monster mash-ups and the classic spooky tunes and give the new band a shot!

Posted on June 9, 2016 .