Break - I See Stars


"Break" by I See Stars
Written by: Miguel

I See Stars previously released videos of two songs from their upcoming album, “Treehouse,” and both followed a unique style to compliment the genre of music. Did the video for “Break” follow in the same footsteps?

When it comes to I See Stars, we can expect incredible electronic-hardcore songs and “Break” continues this trend perfectly. The electronic sounds will hook you while the heavy guitar riffs will keep you headbanging along throughout the song. There is no screaming in “Break” compared to “MobbinOut” and “Running With Scissors,” possibly bringing disappointment to some fans, however Devin Oliver’s insane clean vocals holds up on its own wonderfully throughout the song! The lyrics expresses the feelings of someone, perhaps depressed, and how “we all lose ourselves along the way” blending in with the themes of the previously released songs.

Overall, the video didn’t offer much. It featured a CGI figure and the background constantly changed based on the lyrics. It also followed the trend of the previous videos I See Stars released with its glitch effects.

“Break” earns an 8 out of 10! From what we have heard so far, “Treehouse” is turning out to be another excellent album from I See Stars. The album is expected to release on June 17 so don’t forget to pre-order it ASAP!

Posted on June 9, 2016 .