Alphabet Boy - Melanie Martinez


"Alphabet Boy" by Melanie Martinez
Written by: Lexie

On June 2, Melanie Martinez released the music video for her song, "Alphabet Boy." Right from the very start of the video, viewers are introduced to the spiteful tone of the song and visual, when we see Martinez completely infantilizing herself both in the opening scene of her with a pacifier, and the song's baby-babble intro.

The video is filmed with a baby-pink background and a simplistic set design, aiming most of the focus on Martinez and allowing her physical depiction of the song's theme to express the true nature of the song. Throughout the video, we see Martinez crawl around the set, pout, play with over-sized, pastel-colored toys, and clearly articulate the "fuck you" that this song is driving at.

With her clever performance, this simple video manages keeps a tight grip on your attention, and the catchy sound of the song is undeniable -- good luck getting it out of your head!

This video perfectly coincides with the resentment heard in the lyrics. Martinez expresses her issue with a pretentious graduate who degrades and demeans her. Her response? -- To truly act like the infant that this person seems to think of her as, while also telling this person off.

Overall, I would rate this video and song a 10 out of 10! The irresistible sound of the song and this video that overflows with sarcasm and spite will keep you entertained, for sure! Check out Melanie Martinez's new video TODAY and let us know what you think! If you like what you hear, her album, "Cry Baby" is available NOW to purchase!

Posted on June 9, 2016 .