Aggressive - Beartooth


"Aggressive" by Beartooth
Written by: Kassandra & Caitlin

Powerful, aggression and intense signifies Beartooth's sophomore album, "Aggressive". The overall aspect delivers angsty lyrics, infectious tones, hooks and instrumentals. Caleb Shomo's heavy screams and calming singing come to find a smooth balance throughout. Their first studio album "Disgusting" is about what happens when you're in a deep, dark place overcoming with the inner demons taking over your life with no signs of escape. "Aggressive" is what happens when you're finally out if that state and ready to take on a new life where you are in control of your surroundings and those who are influencing you. In the album, Beartooth covers hatred, alienation, not giving in to burn out and self evaluation. Meaningful choruses and catchy lyrics will have us all screaming to the top of our lungs. "Aggressive" receives a 10/10! Beartooth has created another masterpiece to their stupendous, hard hitting album. Be sure to purchase "Aggressive" be sure it is a perfect summer playlist on repeat. Catch Beartooth on their headlining tour with Stray From The Path and My Ticket Home.

Posted on June 9, 2016 .