You and I - Pvris


"You and I" by Pvris
Written by: Lexie

On February 22, Pvris released yet ANOTHER music video during this week, to the great excitement of their fans! As fans await the release of Pvris's Deluxe Version of their album "White Noise," these videos are getting them hyped!
This particular song, "You and I," is awesome. It has such a lighthearted rhythm, while conveying such an emotional plea. "You and I" is about fighting for love, wanting to overcome trials and obstacles, and hoping that a loved one is willing to take on the struggle as well. The sound is so upbeat, it's almost easy to overlook the depth in the lyrics! This video forces you to acknowledge the true nature of the song in its beautiful display of endurance.
The video predominantly utilizes symbolism in conveying the desire to push forward and beyond obstacles. Singer Lynn Gunn is shown submersed in water and covered in black paint, both images depicting her as consumed by darkness -- seeming to allude to her lyrics "If you and I can make it through the night, if you and I can keep our love alive, we'll find we can meet in the middle." Similarly to their last video released, "Eyelids," this video is extremely artistic and focuses on emphasizing the overall moral of the song. 
I'd give this piece -- as a whole -- a 9/10, because the imagery and sound are both so captivating. Check it out for yourself on YouTube and see what you think! You can purchase "You and I" NOW on iTunes, and pre-order the Deluxe Version of "White Noise" -- expected to be released April 22! ALSO be sure to catch Pvris as they begin their tour with Fall Out Boy on February 26!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .