Glasshouse - Hands Like Houses


"Glasshouse" by Hands Like Houses

Written by:Miguel
Edited by: Tori

We have all been through hard times. This song will be the words you couldn't describe made into a remarkable musical composition. It's the perfect balance between gloomy lyrics and upbeat instruments.
The feeling of “weight on the air”; despite air having no weight, to the “earth starts to shake, the sky begins to fall”; not being able to take control of your mind and thoughts when all you want is just to be okay; shows us how prolific the minds of Hands Like Houses are with their lyrics. Trenton Woodley calmly vocalizes, “A threat borne on the wind, it marches on.” This sentence alone focuses on life’s negative past, present and future that threatens your positive outlooks on life. Like life, these lyrics can be interpreted differently by listeners. Imagine this: “It’s like a tide, impatient and insincere.” You can feel happy and fine one moment, then suddenly feel horrible and trapped by your thoughts and emotions. You’re like a “Glasshouse”, because you can easily be shattered. This is what the song powerfully suggests.
From the moment you press play, you’ll be exposed to the heavily distorted guitars welcoming you with a magnificent riff capturing all your attention. The song then transitions into a calmer and smoothing tone along with a very upbeat bass line keeping the tempo on point. The chorus will immediately stay in your head for days- so catchy! Then comes the aggressive breakdown to satisfy all the headbangers out there. “Glasshouse” delivers everything we could ever ask for! The video was a live performance of the band. According to Woodley, they performed the song “as part of a pretty special private festival for Scouts Australia.” Though just a live performance, the enthusiasm of the crowd, to the emotions of the band on stage, to even to the sweat on their faces, shows just how enjoyable it was. This is what a live performance should look like- everyone enjoying themselves and rocking out to the music.
The expressive meaning of the lyrics and the enthusiastic live performance of “Glasshouse” earns it a 9/10. Be sure to pick up “Dissonants” on iTunes
Hands Like Houses Slays!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .