We Don't Have To Dance - Andy Black (Video)


"We Don't Have To Dance" by Andy Black
Written by : Tori

Andy Black.... you metaphorical beast! IT IS HERE. IT IS NOW... Andy Black releases his highly requested "We Don't Have to Dance" music video. Being black and white and very serious for an upbeat song, the audience may be confused as to why such an emotional song is portrayed visually cold- but that was message! Complimenting the lyrics, the video exemplifies the hell-like feeling; expressed through many scenes. "WDHTD" communicates more than one message. From being 'beautifully ugly' (appearing attractive but feeling ugly on the inside - shown through a character created in the video), reaching for help but needing to learn how to rise above the odds in order to get out, and alcohol is a societal and "bandwagon-like" issue. 
Andy included many alluring metaphors to pull the drawstrings of your heart... such as invitingly walking amongst poisonous demons displayed through the imagery of a scorpion, the clip of a drowning girl representing suffocating and free-falling through conflict but later being pulled out to show resurrection; smoke to depict the cloudiness of being stuck in a situation where you don't fit in, and Andy viewing himself in a movie which could possibly reflect him watching his past or life flash before his eyes.
There are so many things to love and appreciate in this video. It was beyond artistic and just as mind-opening as the song itself. Easily a rate of 1000+/10 -once again! The release of his album, The Shadow Side is May 6th, BUT PRE-ORDER IT TODAY and get this single for FREE, NOW! Be sure to get your tickets for his upcoming tour as well- it's sure as hell a tour to not miss out on! Well done, AB!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .