We Don't Have To Dance - Andy Black (Single)


"We Don't Have To Dance" by Andy Black
Written by : Tori

More than JUST a new release, more than just a solo project... Andy Black grips emotions, putting the bullshit through the shredder,& tells you like it is - and that's how we like it! Releasing his inner most thoughts,& is putting the truth on the table, a nostalgic and empowering "We Don't Have To Dance" single is here to blow your mind. Whether you like Andy Biersack & his other released work or not, this piece is a whole new direction, step, & level for this successor- and boy, does he own it! Being one of the most raw, enticing, artistic, appealing, and aesthetic works of art, #WDHTD is not only winning the charts but winning the hearts of many. With contrasts of nostalgia and high energy, we explore AB's mind on a serious of topics/perspectives- drinking being one. Stressing the hell-like feeling, he props a grand hypothetical question of "Why is there joy in this poison?" As our society is today, many people enjoy drinking, and Andy explains experience thoroughly of how he truly feels on this touchy subject. Throughout the song, he relates to the listener- giving the idea that some don't understand what it's like to be your own worse enemy and enabler- and that you want to fight off these demons within; as well as trying to fit in with a crowd that isn't for you.
Though it has a melancholic theme, it was so empowering & positive. Not only does it open your eyes to the way you live your life, but it also had another hidden theme- finding true connection, bonds,& forming long-lasting relationships- both with others&yourself! I felt as though there was a message to always work to better yourself when you feel low, to associate yourself around others who'll build & support your success(es), & to understand we are all human; life is full of ups and downs. 
Splashing imagery, sweet sarcasm, metaphorical input,&hooking catchy-ness- this single is infectious!! Easily a 1000+/10 rating! "The Shadow Side" will be released May 6th, BUT PREORDER IT TODAY FOR $7.99 &get the single for FREE! Hands down best song out right now... guaranteed to have you dancing, singing,abusing that replay button, and tasting pure creative content

Posted on June 8, 2016 .