True Colors - Zedd & Kesha


"True Colors" by Zedd & Kesha
Written by: Lexie

This song is something we've ALL been waiting for, for years. The one and only Kesha has finally been able to release a song (thanks to Zedd!) for the first time since the beginning of her personal and legal struggles with producer, Dr. Luke.

After this long wait, this song did NOT disappoint! If you are familiar with Kesha's current situation, then you know that she's been dealing with trauma from unspeakable abuse. This song is so emotional, in that it inspires hope and perseverance. Kesha's vocals and Zedd's instrumentals are like a breath of fresh air -- they are equally strong, purposeful, and fierce. This song is so empowering, as Kesha sings of showing her "true colors," and claiming that this is HER "rainbow," her life, that no one else can manipulate or influence.

This song is not only moving in its sound, but in Kesha's true input of emotion. You can feel her need to speak out, and stand her ground. This song is more than just a work of art -- it's a woman reclaiming her own voice, and telling everyone what they need to know.

This song is EASILY an 11 out of 10. You could listen to this song a million times, and STILL feel the power in it. My words cannot do the quality of this song justice, so PLEASE, do yourself a favor and check this song out.

Posted on June 8, 2016 .