Trapped - The Word Alive


“Trapped” by The Word Alive
Written by: Allison

Eclipses, supernova explosions, black and white sunlight reaching around planets...Eerie and powerful, The Word Alive’s new music video for “Trapped,” a song off of their new album Dark Matter is DEFINATELY a statement. They’ve done an exceptional job of creating powerful metaphor for the feeling of being, well Trapped in your own head. What better way to express the feeling of feeling alone with your thoughts than using one of the most open, yet claustrophobic places there is- space. More than just the lonely feeling, violent solar storms and other disasters that happen can 100% relate to how our extreme our thoughts can get…

The lyrics themselves are dark, yet still totally relatable. We all have thoughts and insecurities that hold us back, and this song is about the struggle of dealing with the psychologic wars that wage in our minds. As the lyrics progress, the tone and style grow intensely, too. After an atmospheric tone set with dramatic guitar chords and mythical keyboarding, those tones fade, leaving a heavy base line to accompany the vocals. Which start as more of a spoken word style before switching to a mix of melodic and gritty clean singing. Switching to heavily palm-muted rhythm and harsh screams, the intensity picks up in the second verse. The tactful switching between standard, heavy metalcore sound and haunting, theatrical keyboard keeps you in the mood of the music.

As a solid 7/10 in my book, “Trapped” is definitely being added to my playlist! The lyrics are more personal, melodies more captivating, and over all the song (as well as the rest of the album) amplifies every aspect of their signature sound. The Word Alive will be playing ALL SUMMER at Vans Warped Tour so be sure to check them out on the Monster Energy North & South stages!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .