The Shadow Side - Andy Black


"The Shadow Side"
Written by: Tori

Tasteful, emotional, and bold, Andy Black brings us the shadowed side of him in "The Shadow Side", his brand new album out TODAY! Letting this dancy, electric, moving and deep side escape the shadowed side of him, Andy Black illuminates the silhouette that has been in the darkness for so long. 
Elegant, smooth, deep, yet valiant, vibrant, and vivacious, we feel every waking emotion within Andy Biersack, now known as Andy Black. Emotions are layed out on the table, each track on the record peeling off another layer, letting his guard down. There's no holding back - musically, lyrically, and within the talent displayed. 
Though there were many guest writers and artists on the album, we see a raw, true, and open Andy. If anything, the guest helped highlight the new talent and rawness within him. Though he already expresses himself a lot and carries tenacious emotion within
Black Veil Brides, BVB, this is an Andy we've never seen before and we're so glad to finally have.
Each track is unique from the next... from cellos in "Put the Gun Down", to spicy "We Don't Have to Dance", to anthem-like "Stay Alive", there's something for everyone! From stunning production and quality, to comforting and pure emotion...
This album earns easily a 100000+/10- Mastermind creating a masterpiece!

OUT TODAY! BUY TODAY!! Available at Best Buy, FYE, iTunes, Google play, Hot Topic, and Spotify.... what are you waiting for? Prayers have been answered, greatness has been made!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .