The Realest - Issues


“The Realest” by Issues
Written by: Courtney
Edited by: Tori

Today everyone FINALLY was able to hear new music from Issues! Oh but the boys had more in store! Not only did we get new music, but the band also surprised us with a music video to go along with it! Issues has definitely changed it up a bit- and we love it! At the beginning of the song, they take off with a unique country guitar riff that blends to balance out with a rock tonality. As this part of the song plays, we see humorous Tyler Carter, country-styled man, asking a cleaner lady if she wants a ride on his dirty motorcycle. Which we later on find out is Michael's sweetheart. And so “The Realest” begins... In the video, Michael Bohn plays a professional motorcyclist/bad ass and he’s kind of a big deal - Whereas Tyler is kind of the "nobody'. Michael does blend rapping, screaming, and even SINGING in this song - And I must say this new approach was much loved! The main setting in this video is a dirt track that Tyler, Michael, and others race on. The surrounding people aren’t really a big deal to Tyler and Michael, they just want to compete - complimenting the idea of earlier competing for the girl. Watch the video and see who wins! Who would you bet on? Each other band member plays different characters in the video- can you guess who is who before the video ends? Find out!

This song gets an 8/10 because the new sound is fantastic- but can it top the older style? Issues is exploring a new sound and seems to fit them well.The video gets a 8/10, as well, because it was humorous, fresh,and each band member had their own significant role! Though it was hard adjusting to a cowboy looking Tyler Carter, he had us convinced! 
Don’t forget Issues will be on Vans Warped Tour this summer! If you haven’t ever listened to Issues, do it NOW and then go see them live! We look forward to seeing new music from these dudes!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .