The Black - Asking Alexandria


"The Black" by Asking Alexandria
Written by : Tori

May your inner demons release screams as loud and deviant as the ones unleashed in Asking Alexandria's brand new music video, for their new single with the same title as their new soon-to-be released album, "The Black". Like the title, the video, musical tone, and lyrics, we see a dark, deep, and unbinding theme- luring you in for more. Overall, lyrics tell you the story of feeling constricted, solely dependent on something / someone that is intoxicating to you. Reaching deeper into the lyrics, I felt like this was intended to be a soliloquy of fighting yourself, your toxic desires, and battling an addiction that "lifts your feet off the ground". AA has you belting ..."You make me feel like I'm fucking drowning" ... but little do they know that with this new wave of passion, glorious instrumentation, and variety, they DO have their listeners drowning in their superb and monumental evolution.
The video quality and overall concept is so striking and impressive- but simple! With sexy and eloquent vocals contrasting with the storming roars, they touch up on their roots, similar to "Stand Up and Scream" era, but outdo themselves substantially. These rudiments will have your blood pumping, dynamics within the guitars will have you whipping your head so might as well buy a neck brace with your copy of "The Black"!
Prepare for heart convulsions- no one is ready for the monstrous new chapter AA is bringing to the table! Get ready... this thriving new album is coming to you March 25th! Pre-order it now at!!! Easily said to receive a 5 out of 5 stars! Check it out now on Sumerian Records' Youtube!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .