The Black - Asking Alexandira


"The Black" by Asking Alexandria
Written by : Tori

The long awaited new Asking Alexandria album is here to leave it's mark on the industry! Impactful, emotional, prideful, and clever are just a few words to describe this gemWe salute you for putting your emotions on the table and flipping the fuck out of that table! This is the AA we've been waiting for!
Standouts tracks that for sure won us over were "Send Me Home", "The Black", "The Lost Souls".... let's just go with the whole album😉
Vocals are loud, defined, intricate, and on point... Guitars took a brighter approach and seemed to be brought out more, especially in "Circled By Wolves". But this does not take away from the brilliance of James Cassells tearing up that drum kit. Other highlights would have to be the variation of the album, sprinkle of assorted genres incorporated to outdo their overall metal style (such as adding classic rock elements within "Just A Slave To Rock 'n Roll"); the complexity of imagery, emotion, and figurative language, and the decision of how to percolate, or seep, these lyrics so well to compliment the musicality and tonality within each piece. Awestruck, we cannot get enough of these tracks.
"Gone" was the song that had us lose it.. orchestral elements, catchy lyrics, and a strike to the soul, filling us with the memory of some of the darkest emotions within us ... a farewell ballad that Ben decided to take on the vocals- simple yet executed strongly, well-done! "The Lost Souls" is your new anthem... learn it before attending an AA show! The singles were great, but the album as a whole, offers so much more!! What can I say AA FAMILY, this is an album to remember, a new chapter, and a step forward.
It's OUT NOW...reaching out to you, screaming "HERE I AM"... SO head to iTunes and BUY THIS HELLA GOOD ALBUM! 10 out of 10... well done mates!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .