The Angst In My Veins - Capsize


"The Angst In My Veins" by Capsize
Written by: Kassandra
Edited by: Caitlin / Tori

Intensity and passion ... two words that perfectly capture Capsize's “The Angst In My Veins” music video. Multicolored lights give a retro feeling, encompassing a high level of euphoria. The live footage of the band showcases what they truly love doing; performing - and damn do they do a good job at it Fully highlighted what to anticipate at a Capsize show. The overall crowd portrayed energy – jumping, moshing and having the time of their lives! That special element, adds to the hype and angst of the music video; which perfectly compliments the title. There was never a dull moment on the screen; the band should be proud of all their hard work! The only thing fans could want more of would have been to include content that was more than just the live footage. Nevertheless, fans all over will certainly get amped for this! This video receives a BFC rating of 9/10 because of this killer video and track complimenting each other very well; no need for a complex message nor video to get a clear message across - Capsize raise hell. Not every band needs something complicated or exuberant to draw people in, and that is exactly what Capsize has done here!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .