Stone Cold - Demi Lovato


"Stone Cold" by Demi Lovato
Written by : Tori & Allison

Picturesque,narrative, and emotive, from Demi Lovato's album 'Confident', we receive a music video for spine-chilling, “Stone Cold". Simply put, Demi’s vocals are seraphic! She has always been successful with expressing her own raw emotions through her voice to connect more with her listeners. Her soulful, bluesy voice, with raspy lows and powerful highs plays well to the song’s meaning. Although her higher notes can sound a bit shrill at times, they fit in well with the tone and message; following expressing the emotion of hurt. Slow and dramatic, yet sprinkled with a somewhat-Motown sound with a heavy piano accompaniment, gives it a comforting, soulful, and home-like feel, comparing to what love feels like. While this might not be the song to jam out to in the car on the way home from work, it most definitely is, but not limited, to a hearty song that can be an inspiration to get through a hard time.
Heart wrenching and relatable, the lyrics tell a story of love and the pain it can bring- speaking of true love as the ability to step aside and be happy for the one you love, even if it hurts you. The main message Demi portrays is that letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care anymore.
Demi has created a moving, noteworthy and powerful music video. She proves that you don’t need sex and looks to sell: that pure and honest emotion is just as valuable. With tears streaming down her face, Demi still shows that she is a strong, beautiful, inspirational woman. The music video follows a simple theme: watching someone you love move on and be happy with someone else. Looking out on the beautiful, snow covered mountains she metaphorically reveals how cold and isolated she may feel inside. This could also resemble to reiterate the feeling of watching someone move on with their life while you’re left on your own - a feeling shown I'm various ways through the other scenes in the music video as well. 
Demi has said that this is her favorite song from her new album Confident- and we can see why! All in all, we give a rating of 9/10. Whether you like her or not, this is definitely a song to check out!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .