Shut Up and Kiss Me - Bryan Stars


“Shut Up and Kiss Me" by Bryan Stars
Written by: Courtney

Whoa there Bryanstars! Way to surprise us with this AWESOME talent you have! Who would have ever guessed the guy who originally did interviews would ever make an EP? BryanStars came out with a music video for his song ‘Shut Up and Kiss Me’ on the My Digital Escape channel.
The video was your typical music video, you have the band playing, the boy who falls in love with the girl, etc. The band members aren’t official members, they are just people that Bryan hired for the video, just like the girl you see that Bryan falls in love with. While the video shows the band playing everything you see is in black and white EXCEPT Bryan’s blue shirt! ­ Damn Bryan, back at it again with the blue shirt! Others who guest star are Johnnie Guilbert & Kyle David Hall from My Digital Escape - they play cops who chase Bryan and his girl around. So let’s back it up a bit, who is this girl Bryan takes on a date? She is a YouTuber who Bryan hired for the video. The date they go on is quite fun until Officers Johnnie and Kyle interrupt, watch the video to see if they get in trouble or not! The video gets a 7 out of 10 for great effort, awesome editing but maybe next time Bryan will come back with something stronger and more in depth with his feelings about how he feels about love.
The song itself was very catchy and you could say the genre Bryan went for was pop-punk. Did anyone expect Bryan to have such a great voice!? He definitely can sing! The lyrics to the song were well written, it was clear that it is about a boy wanting to take a girl out and making sure she has an AMAZING time! This song is something that will for sure get stuck in your head because of the catchy beat and chorus, you won’t be able to help but sing along! This song gets a rate of 8 out of 10 for awesome effort, sound and the fact we are so blown away by your talent!
We LOVE it Bryan! Very great job and we can’t wait to hear more from you! Make sure and check out this video! Also, you can purchase the ‘Follow Your Dreams EP’ on iTunes and GooglePlay! ONE MORE THING!.. If don’t already know, My Digital Escape is on tour RIGHT NOW! If they are coming to a place near you, you must go!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .