Send Me Home - Asking Alexandria


"Send Me Home" Asking Alexandria
Written by : Tori

With four days left until the long awaited beauty, "The Black", Asking Alexandria expose us to a side never seen before...a new arrangement, a harder squeeze at our bleeding hearts, and a new song to add to your "Favorites" Playlist. From echoic voices to high roars and monomaniacal guitars, we are captivated and enamored by such a moving track, earlier released on BBC1.
The song itself lures you to doze off into your own mind and really think about who you are, where you are at in your life, and to determine the strength you have within to pick yourself back up even when you don't know if you'll make it through today. Revolving around the idea of losing yourself, your ways, and not knowing if you'll get home again, if we think figuratively, we can assume home is the core of who you truly are - the "real you; or we can see it literally as not knowing whether you'll go back to the place you consider home, your safe zone. 
The tonality is dream-like, but it's quite a nightmare to feel this way, if I do say so myself. The lyrics discuss needing to change to make things work within; that you need to be recovered by a hand that reaches out to help but the only solution is to be sent home again- but you're left lonesome to solve this internal problem instead. You truly feel the desperation and hurt in the lyrics "Take my hand and lead me home again. Just take my hand, so send home again. I have lost my way and I don't know if we'll make it through today". From all the tracks released so far, you can tell that "The Black" will be one of the truest, most emotional, albums released by AA. We anxiously await... the countdown is REAL! March 25th.. we will feel The Black and hear it in all its glory! PREORDER IT TODAY!
This song is without a doubt a 10/10!!! Keep killin' the charts, men

Posted on June 8, 2016 .