Scared To Be Alone - Real Friends


“Scared To Be Alone” by Real Friends
Written by: Kassandra
Edited by: Caitlin

Real Friends has just released their music video for the single, “Scared To Be Alone” off their upcoming album “The Home Inside My Head”.
The overall video, is about bass player, Kyle Fasel's mom. Kyle Fasel states, “My mom and I have a great relationship, but over the past few years she has put herself in some situations that she doesn’t deserve. It’s hard to watch someone you love make bad decisions. All you want to do is help but you can’t seem to get through to them. I think that’s something we will all deal with in life. It’s real hard but I’m glad to make a positive out of the situation by writing about it.” As the video opens, lead singer Dan Lambton gets out of a cab in front of a house for sale. He enters the house and while walking around, he begins to imagine the memories between a father and song occurring – which could signify himself as a child. Later on, the video showcases the band playing inside the empty house.. The emotional connection emulated in this video will tug at your heartstrings. Real Friends have done it again by hitting us all REAL hard in the feels! Giving this a 6/10 rating. “The Home Inside My Head” will drop on May 27th, PRE-ORDER NOW and you can instantly receive “Scared To Be Alone”! Lets not forget to catch their set ALL SUMMER LONG on Vans Warped Tour.

Posted on June 8, 2016 .