Rise - Sixx:A.M.


“Rise” by Sixx:A.M.
Written by: Miguel

We all have a voice so rise up and get yourselves together to fight against the oppressive force! 
The long awaited album is almost at our front doors! Next month Sixx:AM will be releasing the first volume of their double album, “Prayers For The Damned” on April 29, 2016 with record label, Eleven Seven Music. Lucky for us, Sixx:A.M. gave us a hint of their new album by pleasuring us with their new song “Rise”.
According to James Michael, “‘Rise’ is about how we find ourselves at a global tipping point and how it is our duty as citizens of this world to come together, communicate with one another and rise up to demand more of ourselves and our leaders.”
Sixx:A.M. successfully put across that important message wonderfully in the song. “Speak out, don't let the status quo define you” – stand strong and speak out! You know what's right and you know who you truly are so never let anyone tell you who you are! Keep fighting, you aren't alone with your thoughts so “Get yourselves together” because as a collective we can make every voice one single, powerful voice to make a stand against bullies, the government, or anyone that’s oppressive! Life will be rough but everything will be okay when we have each other’s back.
“Rise” delivers with its production. The vocals are exactly as expected with Michael’s appealing voice but what stood out the most is DJ Ashba’s brilliant melodies accompanying the rhythm. Don’t get me started on the solo – perfect use of the wah pedal along with the strings bends to add character and emotion. 
This song is motivating and uplifting to listen to, especially when we feel like there's nothing that can be done. Overall I’d rate this song an 8/10. Preorders for “Prayers For The Damned” begins on March 4th, so don’t forget to pick it up!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .