R.I.P. (LIVE) - Get Scared


"R.I.P. (LIVE)" ­by Get Scared
Written by: Courtney
Edited by: Tori

Get Scared awakes the dead.
Never seeming to disappoint us, the boys have come out with a live music video for their song “RIP”! As they rock out, heart on their heart on their sleeve, the crowd reciprocates- feeling the lively energy. With the flashing lights while rocking out, you can’t help but want to stage dive into the video! “Stand against, preach the same old shit you’re afraid to live. We won’t ever follow!” How will we ever rest in peace with certain things going on in the world? In this song, we are told to stand against the hypocrisy and to follow your own path! We continue to follow society and follow what everyone else believes- so Get Scared is starting the new wave of individuals to rise. Take the lead- Follow your own beliefs and stand up for what you believe in, that is how you will attempt to rest in peace..

Although the song is very catchy and upbeat, it has a deep meaning behind it if you pick apart the lyrics.. This song and video gets a 7 out of 10- not much was happening in the video, but it was awesome to see a live action music video from the band of what they do best! Overall we would LOVE to see more from Get Scared! Go check this video out over on YouTube and let us know what YOU think!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .