Ribcage - Andy Black


"Ribcage" by Andy Black
Written by : Tori

Hauntingly delicious, funky, and NEW... Andy Black takes you by the hand and right to the dance floor...
Previewed earlier today on BBC Radio 1, "Ribcage" may have just released, but it's sure to be everyone's new favorite and top the charts. 
Harps, creatively spicy instrumentation, and so-80s vibes, you can't get enough of this stunning work of art. Dark and deep, yet contrasting with victorious groove, it's impossible to not get your body moving. Andy Biersack has taken his talent to the next level and we couldn't be any more in awe! Not mentioned, but is surely noted, we hear little whimsical add-ins done by Juliet Simms. Curious at what the possible outcome of this track could be based on what was already released, I came to conclusion that Andy will just keep throwing us the unexpected- you have no idea what you're getting yourself into!! THIS is pure addiction.
Unorthodox to "the scene" right now but it's working in his favor- and ours! Soaring high on OUR rates, we continue to give this man the high appraisal with the rating of 1000+/10! The heavily anticipated "The Shadow Side" comes out May 6th through Island Records. Missed the hearing on BBC Radio 1? No problem. Here you go;) enjoy: 


Posted on June 8, 2016 .