Racing Toward A Red Light - Saosin


"Racing Toward A Red Light" by Saosin
Written by: Lexie

TODAY, April 6, Saosin premiered their new music video for their track "Racing Toward a Red Light" on the site Noisy. This song really packs a punch -- from start to finish, there is an intense ferocity in the sound that will get your heart racing! Featured in this song are strong, gutteral vocals that excellently reinforce the weight of the song. The instrumentals encompass the same incredible force as the lyrics, making it impossible not to feel the song's intensity. As a whole, the sound will definitely resonate deeply with its audience, just because of its heavy components. Definitely expect a hype from it!

While the video is basic in its construction, it enhances the overall mood and tone of the song by utilizing its visual effect. The video just simply features the band in a dark room, performing this song with great energy. What adds to the effect of this video, is the use of lighting, which illuminates each band member while maintaining a somber feel.

Overall, I would rate this piece a 7 out of 10! Be sure to go and check out this video for yourself on Noisey, and see what you think! If you like what you hear you can purchase Saosin's upcoming album, "Along The Shadow’ which will be available May 20th on CD/Digital, and June 17th on vinyl!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .