Prisoner of the Night - Tiger Army


“Prisoner of the Night” by Tiger Army
Written by: Allison

Nearly two decades ago, Tiger Army started creating music with an interesting spin on classic styles of rock. There was a lull in their music making due to the departure of one of the band members, but Tiger Army is back at it again with a new line up! “Prisoner of the Night” released on February 26th, 2016 brings a taste of classic rock back to the punk rock scene.
The lyrics are a bit haunting which fits the definition of psychobilly music to a T. Nick 13, the lead singer and the man who’s been with the band from the start, paints an illusion of wandering alone on a dark night, with the feeling of being watched or hunted by a predator. With dreamy, passioned, and a bit eerie melodies, the vibe is more of a horror themed rock, giving it its own unique sound. Uniform to a number of their older songs, Tiger Army showcases styles that dominated the Rock and Roll scene back in the 50’s while still incorporating new styles and experimentation so they don’t fall into the trap of being predictable, from album to album. From the powerful, mid-tempo rhythm to the intense, dynamic vocal twangs- this song has a similar feel to music by the King himself, Elvis Presley. The guitar riffs bare similarities to some of Del Shannon’s work, but none-the-less keep you movin’ along to the groove. “Prisoner of the Night” will surely take you back to the early days of Rock and Roll! Overall, I give the song a solid 7 out of 10. The musical aspect is there and the lyrics work well with the style, but the similarity to other artist’s music knocks off a little for originality. Lookup Tiger Army and keep your eye out! This song comes from their new and upcoming album which is going to be released sometime this spring via Luna Tone Records and Rise Records.

Posted on June 8, 2016 .