Opinion Overload - Simple Plan


"Opinion Overload" by Simple Plan
Written by : Tori

What a #FlashBackFriday! But trust me, they've still got it! Simple Plan unleash a new music video for their single "Opinion Overload", featured on their upcoming album, available this month on the 19th! With no complexity, the music video shows what it's like to be at a Simple Plan show. Fans, wall to wall, bright lights, very "homey" environment- which similarly reflects in lyrics. As many fans have gone through trying times they offer comfort and a "homey " vibe through letting the listener know they aren't alone, have been through the same, and are here to express your feelings through art! The video had some warm colors to match this theme! In the lyrics, SP bring the message of self-empowerment. Giving off the message that you are your own controller, no one else should judge you because only you can only judge yourself, and that you're not sorry for being who you are. This overall message was heart warming and complimented the musicality within the piece- with various articulations, dynamics, and like the message, the music was very Marcato (emphasized notes with an emphasized topic)! Though there's a predominant happy tone, there are some deep, angry messages included; due to the frustration of the writer and what they've been through. This fits very well because one may feel angry but express happiness outwardly! Well done, men! 4 out of 5. Check it out!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .