Mistakes - River Oaks


"Mistakes" by River Oaks
Written by : Tori

A harmonious beauty of a masterpiece, to compliment such tonal vocals and relatable lyrics, will steal your heart away, per usual, with mastermind, Shane Told. Expressionism exemplified musically and lyrically sets the tone of demonstrative mellow and dark, yet comforting, emotions- kind of similar to a "rainy day" mood to it!
Using demonstrative rhetoric, River Oaks brings us together through feelings of personal redundancy, worthlessness. Our writer allows us to relate by hinting a "Hey, I've been there too" vibe, while explaining his personal situation using vivid imagery. Lyrically, #RiverOaks, short and sweet, describes what brokenness feels like, accompanying the lonesome, regretful, and agonizing attitude that follows. All in all, the simplicity of the instrumentation, with some complexity here and there, can magnify the emotions portrayed- showing that feeling emotionless does have its complexities, and that pain still seeps in when you look back at your situation, which replays in your head. In other words, words do not accompany actions promised and/or needing to be held onto. I'd give this soft beauty a 5 out of 5 stars! I only fall in love more and more with the solo project of Shane Todd, known as River Oaks Music. Please check out this 3 song EP, because it'll melt your heart and have emotions flood your mind ♡ Back to listening to "Mistakes" on replay

Posted on June 8, 2016 .