Misadventures - Pierce The Veil


"Misadventures" by Pierce The Veil
Written by: Miguel

After almost four long years and constant delays, Pierce The Veil has finally released their long awaited fourth album, “Misadventures.” If you loved PTV’s previous albums then you’ll feel right at home with “Misadventures” because they stuck to their roots and they set the bar even higher than their previous album, “Collide With The Sky.”

“Misadventures” starts off with the classic PTV sound in “Dive In” and then introduces some of PTV’s fastest guitar riffs they have written in their second song, “Texas Is Forever.” There are also slower, ballad-like songs such as “Floral & Fading” and “Gold Medal Ribbon” catering to everyone’s unique musical tastes.

The songwriting, instruments, and vocals are all top notch but that is expected of Pierce The Veil and we know they wouldn’t fall short in those departments. PTV continues to deliver everything their fans are expecting, making this album a true masterpiece.

The timespan it has taken to make this album finally paid off and it was definitely worth the wait. “Misadventures” earns a perfect 10 out of 10 for their hard work and masterful musicianship. Go pick up the album NOW at any music retailer because you won’t be disappointed! Also, don’t forget to buy your tickets for the “The Misadventure Tour” because Pierce The Veil will be playing “Misadventures” in its entirety live!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .