Miley Virus - It Lives, It Breathes


"Miley Virus" by It Lives, It Breathes
Written by: Miguel

Do you want to be “The One?”
The guys in It Lives, It Breathes just dropped their latest music video for their dancey and electronic song “Miley Virus.” The video showed everyone enjoying themselves at a club drinking, dancing, taking pictures, and throwing their "hands up" in the air. It also consisted of a lot of bright flashy lights in a crowded party area where everyone is happy and you also see the lead singer, Kevin Lacerda, getting up to mischievous acts at the club as well. Though it doesn’t necessarily tie in with the lyrics, it’s always nice to see everyone enjoying themselves.

The synths, electronic sounds, and vocals were all executed perfectly giving us a catchy tune to listen to daily. “Miley Virus” also featured Kyle Lucas who shared his Hip Hop influences adding more diversity to It Lives, It Breathes and the rapping complimented the song wonderfully.

The main downfall of the song is the lyrics. While it has a good overall message, it lacked variety and was repetitive throughout the song. This may not be a problem to those who listen to the song just for the melody, but it can be a big negative to those who expects a lot of diversity in the lyrics.

While it is a catchy song, the lyrics could be improved on so “Miley Virus” gets a 7.5 out of 10. Go give it a listen over on Stay Sick Recording's YouTube channel or play the video below and let us know what you think about it!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .