Made This Way - The Word Alive


"Made This Way" by The Word Alive
Written by : Miguel
Edited by : Tori

“I wear these scars! I know my mistakes, you can’t take that away.”
With the release date for “Dark Matters” quickly approaching, The Word Alive continues to surprise their fans by releasing a new single! “Made This Way” packs a punch with its technical Djenty sound- aggressive, driving, and throwdown-worthy. I can already envision that this song will create huge circle pits at concerts- so be prepared and put on your moshing shoes! The heavy drop-tuned guitars, along with the punchy kick drums, give us an energetic heart thumping feeling– the guitar tone is solid! Telle Smith then comes in singing “Even when you thought you had me beat, I still found the strength, hidden deep within me.” You must never give up because no matter what, there will always be hope and strength in you to stand up and conquer the negativity in life. The melody of chorus is very reminiscent to one of their most popular songs “Life Cycles.” Telle repeatedly chanted, “I wear these scars! I know my mistakes, you can’t take that away” and near the end he sings, “I don’t believe that we’re defined by our mistakes.” The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory. It implies that we live our life knowing our mistakes because we are mentally or physically scarred by it, however, we cannot be judged based on our mistakes; we can only be judged based on who we are as a person- creating an empowering base of hope for the listener. The solo will send chills down your spine because of the dark Egyptian atmosphere, due to the scale’s exotic nature; it fits in flawlessly and it gives the song much more depth.

TWA continues to deliver their best to their fans and that earns this song a 9.5 out of 10. They stayed true to themselves by giving us a genuinely relatable song with compelling instruments and we could not have asked for anything else! “Made This Way” will be available on Apple Music tonight, so keep an eye out for it!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .