River Oaks - Let You Down


River Oaks - "Let You Down"
Written by : Tori

Mr. Shane Told has never "Let You Down", and he won't start now. Prepare to have your pancakes knocked off! Releasing his first single off of his new self titled EP for his new solo project, River Oaks brings you "Let You Down". How much more Canadian can you get? We love it! Like the Maple leaf, Shane Told's creative music is a symbol of wisdom, connection and unity. With lyrics expressing pain, disappointment, and insecurities, we gain insight of his struggles, trials, and mindset during a difficult period in time. He paints the picture so perfectly with impeccable imagery, as always. Exhibiting connection and how it can diminish, along with relating to his audience- there's nothing less than a grab at your heart and a caress at your feels. Using personification, play-on words, and metaphors, you cannot help but fall in love with this dark poetry- perfectly complimenting the foggy lightness within the tonality of the piece, which can be compared to the emptiness felt, contrasting with its overall pop-punk sound. With similar color scheme of "I Am Alive in Everything I Touch" in the music video, common vocal melodies, and, of course, the man himself, you can still feel the Silverstein style- but more "buzz pop" due to it being melodic, slight but cleaner acoustic NOFX influence in the guitars, and edgy acoustics. You may even pick up a bit of a hint of "Desert Nights" melodies within the vocals, for you Silverstein fans! The video itself is very simple, but the emotions and words fill it with such deep expression and art when you pay attention to what's discussed and the literary elements lift off and are displayed in the video modestly.
Though there are similarities, Shane Todd is able to reveal another side of himself aside from Silverstein. We anxiously await for more music from River Oaks Music, and know you will too! Seeing is believing - so head to Rise Records' YouTube to see this grand pleasure for your own eyes! Ending w/ a BFC rating 4/5, not too bad, Eh?

Posted on January 29, 2016 and filed under Music Video Review.