Let It Sleep - Asking Alexandria


"Let It Sleep" Asking Alexandria
Written by : Tori

Sometimes, you are your own worst enemy. Haunting your mind, Asking Alexandria express your deepest and darkest emotions and thoughts in this new, ghostly-themed, music video for their new single, "Let it Sleep". We all have hit a low point in life and AA feels your pain, can relate, and is here to put your feelings into song. Complimenting the aphotic and ominous visuals in the video, the lyrics exemplify just how evil your mind can be, haunting you every moment of the day, when you just want the negativity to rest, or "let it sleep"- also mentioning to turn to drinking to mask the pain. This idea is perfectly presented with lyrics of "I need to leave this place. Out of sight, out of mind- my evil thoughts can't hide and I am trapped in my own mind. There's not a thing you can do...", and so on! This lyrics hit home and won my heart over. The song itself was advancing and grew on me as I listened. Whipping out the high screeches, busting out some quick "rap"-styled bursts, and breaking-down with some slow low screams (similar to the older AA style), you wonder, am I in heaven or hell, with this piece? Because the cleans and instrumentation are angelic, but the low screams and breakdowns make me feel like I just signed my soul away to the dark side- perfectly complimenting the dark lyrics and it's so devilishly good! The screams were pretty difficult and, personally, I prefer the register Denis stuck with within "The Black" and "I Won't Give In". The cleans were done so beautifully, as always, and I think that's what really held the song together, following occasional screams that weren't in the lower register. The thriving guitars and percussion were oh so wonderful and definitely a step up! There's so much to love about the upcoming AA album, "The Black" releasing March 25th. From what we've heard so far, it seems like it'll be diverse- can't wait! Be sure to pre-order today and you'll be able to recieve this track, and other singles that've been released!!! This song gets a rating of 7.5/10!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .