I Got Bones - Dannt Worsnop


“I Got Bones” by Danny Worsnop
Written by: Miguel

Danny Worsnop is back again giving us something very different but yet very satisfying. Yesterday, the vocalist of We Are Harlot gave us a hint of his solo album, “The Prozac Sessions”, by releasing a music video for the song, “I Got Bones.”

“I Got Bones” took on more of a Southern Rock/ Country approach which is very different than Danny’s previous work in both Asking Alexandria and We Are Harlot but he pulled it off superbly. Combined with clean and lightly distorted guitars, his gritty and unique voice complimented it so perfectly that that thought of him being in a metalcore band will be nonexistent.

Worsnop begins by picking individual strings on his acoustic guitar then sings by comparing himself and a woman to a moth that’s attracted to the neon lights because they are both attracted to a bar “Drowning out the same kinda troubles that brought us here in the first place.” Singing this, he knows destiny brought himself here besides this mysterious women both there to drown the rough past. He also implies that he thinks highly of the woman because she was “Looking like a queen, sipping on crown.” Danny is Fixated on her because he believes they can fight their troubles away by having a good time together “with one hell of kiss.” These are typical things we’ve come to know about Danny and he does not surprise us with these lyrics.

Though Danny is absent in the music video he may not be afar as you think. The video has an old film look to it, flickering different sceneries typically seen in a warm country side. This symbolizes Danny’s style and his personality in a subtle way. The one thing often seen however, is a young lady and a moth which ties into the lyrics of the well-crafted song.

Danny Worsnop gave us something refreshing with this song and it also shows how diverse his vocals can be. “I Got Bones” earns an 8.5 out of 10 so be sure to pick up “The Prozac Sessions” later this year!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .