Haunted - A Scent Like Wolves


“Haunted” by A Scent Like Wolves
Written by: Miguel

Today A Scent Like Wolves premiered their new compelling new music video for their song “Haunted” off from their newly released album, “Frigid Future.”
“Haunted” opened up with clean guitars playing a calm melody transitioning to a heavily distorted sound but that transition weren’t the only thing that left us wanting more. The killer combination of both vocalists, Al Boltz and Nick Boltz were definitely the icing on the cake. Al satisfied our ears with his wonderful clean singing during the chorus and Nick gave us everything we wanted with his powerful screams keeping us pumped throughout the song.

In the video we are presented with Al holding a box along with a shovel, wondering around a dim forest trying to find somewhere to bury a box. This ties in with the lyrics "Rest in peace… Your destiny, it wasn't for you" – this explains the struggle that sometimes the path you take in life is not fit for you and it haunts you and make you feel “lost” and he is trying to bury his “destiny” which is symbolized as the box. As he wanders the forest, a figure wearing a silver wolf mask appeared maybe as his “guilty conscience” that is looking and following him everywhere he goes. During the chorus, Al vocalizes that “I’m wide awake” and “I’m miles away” but yet he can’t seem to find his way. This reflects the struggles that you encounter when you try to make things better but the hard work unfortunately works against you. Towards the end of the video, a lady holding a lantern stumbles upon the box and she finds a mirror lying inside it. As she looks into the mirror, the camera pans left to show the figure wearing the wolf mask standing behind her showing that many of us are facing the same struggles.

“Haunted” earns itself a solid 9 out of 10 because it shows the raw talent of each band member so go check out the music video NOW and let us know what you think!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .