Gold - Sleeping With Sirens


"Gold" by Sleeping With Sirens
Written by: Alexis

On February 16th, Epitaph Records released the music video for Sleeping with Sirens' track, "Gold." Throughout the video, the audience is given transitions between the many aspects of touring as if the band is taking the viewer along for the ride, from setting up/preparing for a venue to the backstage antics SWS partake in. This gives a sense of being "a part of the action" by using maps to get from venue to venue, tuning guitars, or sparking life into the crowd, which makes this video so comfortable to watch as the song plays along in fine tune.The video has a defining feature that typically isn't in music videos -- playing a LIVE feed of the track. This small detail is HUGE, making this video increasingly enjoyable to the viewer and more likely to hit the rewind button for this version of "Gold." Overall, the entire video gets a 10/10 for the song mixing extremely well with the video! Both express living on the road and touring with band mates, all the while playing music for fans across the country.

Posted on June 8, 2016 .