Frigid Future - A Scent Like Wolves


"Frigid Future" A Scent Like Wolves
Written by: Allison

Pennsylvania’s very own, A Scent Like Wolves is at it again with a brand new album! Making a huge impact on the local scene with their last album, “...And the Story Goes?” the band is making even more of an impact with their newest music! “Frigid Future” takes the band in a whole other direction in the metalcore genre- adding to the ever changing subgenres with their own unique sound.

The album starts- simple, yet chilling notes that progress into a classic metalcore genre breakdown. A good number of the songs share a common structure, all the while keeping their uniqueness and individual sound. Compared to their previous album “...And the Story Goes?” “Frigid Future” takes a totally different path with a higher energy as well as much improved musical talent. Their new music broke away from the generic, straight up metalcore sound they had in their previous album and developed a more polished sound. Although there is incredible talent in the band, ASLW occasionally sounded like other bands from the same style music. BUT! They have an interesting and unique sound that helps them stand out from the crowd. A balance of metalcore and somewhat of an alternative sound- mostly in the style of their lyrics and some of the chorus’. Each song expresses such a lot of raw and powerful emotion, dealing with a broad spectrum of emotions. The lyrics are extremely personal and something I personally feel that most people can relate to. One of the main themes through the album is dealing with being different and living an alternate lifestyle to the norm. A track that earned the title of favorite in my book would be “American Winter.” This one as well as “Medicate the Past” both hit such strong emotions as well as have great, intense musical elements. A Scent Like Wolves has earned a solid 7.5/10 from me for the overall album. “Frigid Future” is AVAILABLE NOW on iTunes and GooglePlay, so be sure to get it and keep an eye out for future tour dates!!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .