Follow You - Bring Me The Horizon


“Follow You” by Bring Me The Horizon
Written by: Miguel

Filled with blood and gore, Bring Me The Horizon released a new music video for their song "Follow You".
At first you may think the video is unrelated to the song but in the end you would realize how much it ties in with the lyrics. The video symbolizes the “hell” someone is willing to undergo in order to be with your loved one (“So you can drag me through Hell, If it meant I could hold your hand”).We saw people being shot, decapitated, and even a plane crash but despite the chaos everywhere, the main actor continued his journey to his girlfriend. The beginning of the video stated, “Love is blind, deaf and f***ing dumb.” We are so fixated on love that it will make us unaware of our surroundings because of one intention, to “follow you” – meaning to follow your partner. The CGI in the video was not really impressive but it added to the parodic feel of the overall video production. However, what shined the most is the lyrics.
BMTH vocalist, Oliver Sykes, shared that the lyrics came from when “me and my other half were going through a particular rough patch where things weren’t looking too good and it gets to a certain point… I realized no matter how bad being together can sometimes get, the alternative is so much worse.” Those who are in long distance relationships, or those who have a partner on tour can deeply relate to this because it can become really hard. You can’t be with them and you sometimes lose hope but no matter how difficult it becomes “I’ll never leave” and “I will follow you cause I’m under your spell.” Love will make you overcome the obstacles that is preventing you from being together. This is the most romantic song Bring Me The Horizon ever produced and they perfected it with the emotional lyrics, and the soft and soothing tone.
The music video of “Follow You” gets a 9 out of 10. Go check it out on YouTube and tell us what you think about it!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .