The Summer Set - Figure Me Out


The Summer Set - "Figure Me Out"
Written by: Kassandra
Edited by: Lexie

The Summer Set released a new music video for their song “Figure Me Out”! It opens to a dark room with only a white piano being played by Brian Dales. His melodic voice serenades you as he rips out a tune behind the words and suddenly the picture becomes clearer. Lamps begin to illuminate the dark space, flickering on and off to set the mood for a light feeling. As Brian’s voice crescendos into the chorus, he stands up from the piano, knocking the bench over as he hammers on the keys. Though the band focuses mostly on the pop punk genre, this song highlights gorgeous piano that showcase not only Brian’s ability to play, but a different aspect of musicality to the song as a whole. As the sound drops back down into the second verse, only the piano is heard, and the lights in the room go dark once more, leaving the raw nature of the song to be interpreted through vocals, lyrics, and piano playing. It seems that the light in the room changes with the intensity of the music. When the music is energetic and uplifted, the lights are bright and shining, but when the song slows down and mellows out a bit, the room gets darker. Lyrically speaking, this song is heartfelt and brilliant. Every person who has ever lost themselves while finding something else, or felt like they didn't fit in, can find some kind of comfort in the lyrical content of this song. Not only does it shine a light on losing one’s self or not belonging, but the words also explain how it’s okay to break away to find out who you are. The overall, beautiful message of this song is saying that sometimes too much of the things that overwhelm our lives can make us forget everything we thought we knew, and can end up completely destroying us, or opening our eyes to see what’s right in front of us. The concept as a whole – and broken down – makes perfect sense and is concisely clear. The band brought the feelings portrayed in the lyrics to life, and this is something The Summer Set and Fearless Records should be immensely proud of. This video is quality work and I give it a 10/10 for its simplicity and creative nature.

Posted on January 29, 2016 and filed under Music Video Review.