Fall - Palisades


"Fall" by Palisades
Written by : Tori

The Sad Trap boys are at it again... catching the feels, leaving you drunk off of these lyrics, and the vibes of this song have you jammin' so hard- wanting more and more new Palisades music. Palisades, ma vie en rose! My life's in pink! With warm pinks, purples, and blue tones, the visuals compliment the overall message in song - feeling on cloud nine, FALLing hard for someone, and wanting something more than a "ten night stand". Sexy, smooth, and softer compared to what you'd typically hear from these guys, you see the evolution of this band - soaring and taking off, finding their perfect spot, musically. This beautiful balance of powerful vocals, tender tone, aggressive percussion, thriving dynamics in the guitars, and nostalgic verses, has you absolutely sold! Palisades revamped into something more. Taking a new approach has definitely made me love them more than I already did! The vocals give off a desiring tone, fitting perfectly with the theme... the dynamics supremely display how much passion is developed in the emotions, thoughts, and relationship itself. Exquisite piece by exquisite men- Killin it as always! Easily said to be a 5/5, no questions asked. Be sure to check it out for yourself - you'll fall in love! While you're at it, be sure to check out our past 2 interviews with them.... Well done! Don't leave them at a one video stand! check out all of their music, and keep your eyes peeled for more.

Posted on June 8, 2016 .