Everybody Wants - The Struts


"Everybody Wants" by The Struts
Written by : Tori

Everybody's gonna want a piece of this golden album! Taking you on a rollercoaster ride, our conductors, The Struts, show us how to love, go through heartbreak, make your desires become a reality, and what it's like to tour! Rolling back on our timeline to roughly the 70s-80s, "Everybody Wants" has such variation in one album- having something suited for everyone. But one thing sticks out the most and that's their glam-like rockin' style and classic sound! Bluesy tunes, classic rock, poppy vibes, skippy majors, and unique bendy minors... sold! The album as a whole is so sexy, fun, tasteful, bold, inimitable and extraordinary! I give it to these men for being daring, taking the risks they did, and renewing the value of new artists!
Tracks that definitely stood out had to be wistful "Mary Go Round", sing-along friendly "Could Have Been Me", and circus-like "Roll Up".
Unique tongue rolls in the vocals, aggressive go-getter attitudes, claps, crisp drums, and being dynamic-focused are just a few things this record gives off.... but there's just so much more to offer! Expressive, different, and hauntingly good... this band has EASILY made a spot in my Top 5!
Each track was different from the last- it was nothing short of brilliant!
Raw talent is here! If David Bowie, Queen, Motley Crue, and the Rolling Stones had a baby... you'd get these guys! Saving you the hassle of wondering how great it is.... we'll save you some of your time and worries by letting you know that it's a 10/10!
Take a listen for yourself... "Everybody Wants" is rightfully titled. Get your copy today! Head to the link in the description of The Struts profile, and there you will find this beauty for purchase through Apple Music!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .