Emergence - Hour 24


"Emergence" by Hour 24
Written by: Miguel

It’s not often you’ll see a band fronted by a female but Hour 24 pulls it off superbly and kills it in their newest music video for their single “Emergence.”

“Emergence” preaches about letting go and “moving forward, taking one step at a time” instead of living in the past. To move on is to grow! The video did not only show one, but two examples of how letting go can benefit you - from having an unappreciative boss to being in a relationship where your partner is cheating. We saw that the worker was unhappy and stressed out because of his boss. However, he became fulfilled and content after getting a new job. We also saw the woman elated with her new boyfriend after being cheated on by her ex. This shows how important letting go can be so don’t be afraid because letting go can make you stronger and happier.

The video was not the only thing that was impressive but the song itself was well written and satisfying. Vocalist, Rachel Mayer, had her vocals on point and performed energetically throughout the song along with the other bandmates. Chris Salazaar’s screams also gave the song a heavier tone which is always welcomed and to top all of that, Dan Quigley’s solo turned this song into a masterpiece.

The lyricism and imagery of the video combined with the energetic performance of Hour 24 earns “Emergence” a 9 out of 10. The EP “Emergence” is set to release on April 19 so go pre-order it NOW! Check out the music video using the link below and let us know what you think!

Posted on June 8, 2016 .