Only Just A Call Away - The Struts


"Only Just A Call Away" by The Struts
Written by : Tori

The Struts are quite hard-driven romantics. An emotionally-triggered drawing of a perfect picture with a not so perfect situation, describes this masterpiece- A love story between an artist and his soulmate that'll put you in tears! A ballad discussing how tour can be hard on both parties and the relationship itself, but fights the general opinion, only to state that it can work if you give your all to make it work. The lyrics open with "All that you want is a love I can't provide, and no matter what I try, is like we're falling. Cause I'm leaving home- one more talk and I'll be gone". Displaying that he knows she requires more love and wants to give it to her, but it conflicts with his personal aspirations. The story continues w/ the lyricist offering to do all he can while away from his lover, such as being a listening ear "only just a call away". Going off of that, he continues to try to make it work by giving the example of coming home by sunrise if it makes her happy and fulfills her love needs- being sure to accompany both parties' needs. The lyricist also discusses their pain of being away too! Starting the chorus with "Don't speak cause it only makes my heart bleed", goes to show that it hurts them to be away and as well as it killing them to know they are hurting their other half.They're stating that they're doing the unsuitable situation and that it's difficult, but they'll do all they can to make up for it.The song itself has simple instrumentation, but the focus is mainly on the message and amorous, slurred, solo-Which metaphorically works, showing the songwriter is only focusing on the importance of the topic.Being a relatable and absolute emotional jab to the heart, the Struts continue to steal my heart away, giving this song a 10/10! Releasing this track sets the tone for their upcoming album "Everybody Wants" (releasing March 4th)! I feel as though this album will exemplify the message of what "everybody wants"; each song being a different perspective of choices and actions, and the way others (and yourself) react to it all. Be sure to pre-order this soon-to-be released album

Posted on June 8, 2016 .